Work Samples

Laundry Closet Remodel




The walls were painted, new cabinets with slow close hinges were added, shelves and a clothes pole were installed


The homeowner added decor for the final touch

Dry Wall Repair

Damaged Wall

Patch supported from behind and taped for flexibilty

Mudded to provide a smooth surface

Finished with applying spray texture and matching paint

Gate Installation

Posts were set in concrete for the new gates - levels and strings are used to make sure the project looks professional and functions properly

Gates were installed and they are ready to receive the vertical planks

Planks were then secured - latch and cane bolts were installed to keep the gates securely closed (not shown)

Wood added to existing gate

This client wanted wood added to an existing gate. This allowed cost savings. The added wood hides this storage area from a patio area on the other side.

Fence Repair

Fence panels and rotted posts were removed

Prior concrete post footings were dug out and removed

New treated posts were installed and now these two gates can be properly closed and latched

Photo of the completed fencing